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About Us


Auto Life is a FiveM Strict RolePlay server for people who love cars and motorcycles and want more from GTA than just shoot things up, ram into vehicles and cause chaos.

It has roleplay elements such as jobs, paychecks, thirst, hunger, etc.

We are aiming to provide something different than what other servers have to offer, such as : 300+ Real cars and motorcycles with High Quality textures and real life prices, Custom handling for every added vehicle, 300+ custom High Quality wheels for cars available at Los Santos Customs or Benny, saved tuning for every modification, Racing checkpoints, North Yankton State map with custom locations, Automated Mafia System with XP and levels .

Auto Life Server also has the general mods such as barber shop, tattoo shop, Clothes shop, Weapons Shop and Simeon Showroom, etc.

We have a Crime Experience system that levels-up when you do illegal jobs. Once you reach Crime Experience level 10 you will automaticaly gain acces to Mafia and you can enter the Mafia Bar and buy fancy things... (More info on this by opening the in-game tablet when pressing Z button).

We provide weekly updates with new cars, mods and fixes!